Pre-Employment and Professional Development Assessments

The use of psychological assessments for hiring, team-building, and professional development has become increasingly popular over the past 25 years. And for good reason. These tools can provide useful insight in the naturally messy process of people development.

But the operative word is "can." All tools are not created equally, and they are not one-size-fits-all in application.

One example is the Myers-Briggs assessment. It's a great tool for team-building and for individual development. But it is a terrible tool for hiring. It simply can't provide the type of insight needed to make good hiring decisions. So why do so many companies use the tool for hiring?

Then there are the myriad of "hiring" assessments that have been developed and are available to any company, regardless of training in the use of psychological assessments. Most of those tools were not developed in rigorous scientific environments and challenged through multiple rounds of peer-review. These tools at best provide meager insight, and at worst can introduce bias against people of different cultural or language backgrounds.

At MentorWerx, our executives have invested over 25 years in the study and use of psychological assessment tools. The only tool we will use for pre-employment is the 16PF, the most rigorously developed and peer-reviewed psychological assessment in use today. The 16PF stands up in court as a valid hiring assessment, and can also be used for all manner of personal, leadership, and team development activities. We use other tools, like Myers-Briggs, as appropriate to the tool and need.

We are proud to offer a variety of assessment services and reports, all made affordable for all sizes of company. Here are just a few of the assessments available through MentorWerx.

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