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Strategic HR

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Organizational Design for Growth

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Strategic Alignment

The ultimate key to competitiveness lies in the excellence and happiness of your employees.

— Andrea Hill

If you need help identifying talent gaps, aligning teams for a more integrated approach, developing teams and talent, creating systems to support professional development, and building a resilient culture for growth, you need MentorWerx.

Organizational Design ♦  Organizational Restructuring ♦  Performance Improvement ♦ Change Management ♦ Role Definition & Job Design  ♦ Team Effectiveness and Dyamics ♦ Designing Onboarding Systems ♦ Leadership Development ♦ Talent Management & Succession Planning ♦ Performance Management Systems ♦ Employee Engagement and Culture ♦ Learning & Development Systems and Programs ♦ Employee Retention & Rewards ♦ HR Process Optimization 

Coaching support for your leadership team. Cultivate strong management skills.

Operationalize onboarding, training, and employee development. Make time for more quality, less admin.

Fully enable your organization with HR technology to help you assess, align, motivate, and succeed.

Expert consulting for project support and outside perspective as needed.

Do great work
with great people

Our company is a virtual office. This isn't new - we've been doing this since 2008. We work from our homes, raising our kids, taking care of parents, walking our dogs, and seeking the elusive balance. Probably a lot like you!

Where Will Your Company Go

With All Its Beautiful Potential?

Success — by
the Numbers

Employee-centric companies consistently outperform their counterparts. They enjoy 25% lower turnover rates and 17% higher productivity levels among engaged employees. Customer satisfaction also receives a boost, with a 10% increase in customer ratings when employees are engaged, resulting in improved brand reputation and customer loyalty. Finally, profitability soars, as employee-centric organizations achieve a 21% higher profitability rate on average, thanks to the innovation, dedication, and commitment of their satisfied and engaged workforce. 

You Need the

Hiring the right talent is just the beginning. Successful onboarding, training, and cultural integration are essential. Teams must align internally and externally to achieve company objectives, fostering a clear vision that centers on customer value. Operational standardization ensures consistent, quality results. Continuous management and leadership development are vital for sustained growth. In essence, it's not just about bringing the right people on board but orchestrating a harmonious symphony of talent, culture, and strategy to thrive.

You Need 

HR professionals often bear a workload exceeding their capacity, serving as invaluable problem solvers. They play a pivotal role in translating business strategy into actionable plans, highlighting each team's role. To succeed, they often require external support to meet these multifaceted demands effectively.

is Strategic HR

MentorWerx was created to provide meaningful business support to entrepreneurs, business owners and HR managers. You can't go to "coach school" to learn what we know. Our knowledge and experience come from running $50million - $900million per year companies, managing thousands of employees, and helping those employees align and grow to achieve extraordinary business success.

You can lean on us to fully empower your workforce so they can fully achieve your business goals.

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is an investment to help small businesses grow and create jobs by providing them with greater access to education, capital, and business support services. To date, more than 11,000  business owners have graduated from the program across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Through the program, you will gain practical skills across topics such as financial statements negotiation, marketing, and employee management, and gain the tools to develop a customized business plan for growth—for free.

As alumni of this program, we cannot begin to express how transformative the experience was. We encourage you to take the opportunity to apply and experience this gift of education and network for yourself.