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This isn't just a pretty picture of a minimalist room. It's symbolic of the way we work. At MentorWerx, we're here to coach, teach, and support. Accessibliity, warmth, accommodation, and clarity are all part of our mission. We want you to feel comfortable, to relax, and to be confident that you can find and learn the things you need to know to be more successful. When you're learning what you need to learn, we're successful. Only then.

Andrea Hill

Andrea Hill owns Hill Management Group, LLC, with the brands MentorWerx, StrategyWerx, and SupportWerx. She has over 35 years professional experience as the CEO and president of start-up through mid-sized companies, and she has demonstrated serial success in leading companies through rapid and profitable growth. Her experience spans multiple industries as the CEO of Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, the president of international clothing manufacturer and direct marketer Fulcrum Direct/After the Stork, president of marketing services firm Anthill Marketing, and a founding senior executive of Playboy’s direct marketing catalog operations in music and video.  Andrea started MentorWerx as a direct response to smaller entrepreneurs asking for her help, but unable to budget for the costs of traditional consulting engagements.

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Melanie Mondragon

While members of our other brands (StrategyWerx and SupportWerx) regularly contribute at MentorWerx, Melanie is our only dedicated MentorWerx employee. She has a big job! It's her job to listen to what our customers want, then mine the content that the StrategyWerx and SupportWerx teams have produced over time, and coordinate our various teams to produce videos, books, webinars, and classes. Melanie also identifies when totally new content needs to be produced to meet our customer needs, and she interacts with clients to confirm classes, answer questions, and keep everything here moving along. You can reach (or leave a message for) Melanie any time by clicking the "Contact Us" button on this page, or by emailing her directly.

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Kirsten Stuck

Kirsten is the Director of Video Production and Manager of Content Development for all the Werx Brands. An award-winning documentary producer, she is an acute observer of human behavior with uncanny insights and a terrific sense of humor.

Kirsten produces webinars, podcasts, videos, and motion graphics for clients of WerxMarketing. But since these are all important ways to share ideas, we lean hard on Kirsten to illustrate our training for MentorWerx clients too. Kirsten has a degree in film from University of Wisconsin, and is pursuing an advanced degree in animation.

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Andrea's book, "The How-to-Hire Handbook for Small Business Owners," has been widely praised as a concise, effective, useful guide to the hiring process. This is an actual handbook, filled with knowledge, instructions, forms, and resources. Your hiring practices will improve immediately when you use this handbook to guide you.

Job Planning

One of the reasons many hires fail is because the role for which they are hired isn't clearly defined. Using this handbook, you'll learn the steps in properly defining roles and preparing for new hires. With this specific guidance, you will hire the right people for a fitting role more consistently and with higher quality results.

Interviewing & Assessing

Getting to the real story about your candidates is really important. After all, most interviewees are busy putting on their best face! Learn the best questions to ask in an interview, how to structure interviews to get the most out of them, and how to decide which assessments to use (if any).

"Thinking isn't something we're born good at, like breathing. We must learn to think, and perfect it with practice and discipline."

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