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The Keys to Better Margins are Hiding in Your Shop

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keys to better margins-sqkeys to better margins
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42 Minutes
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You work hard for your money, so it’s important not to let hidden inefficiencies rob you of even a fraction of your profits. In Lean Manufacturing, we call these inefficiencies waste, and waste can be found in everything from equipment maintenance problems to poorly maintained tools to problems with workflow or even poor ergonomics. In this session you’ll learn about the cornerstone of Lean Manufacturing, called 5S. Then we'll cover bottlenecks, and how to identify them, manage them, and eliminate them. Take these lessons straight to the shop, and you’ll be improving efficiencies (and therefore profits) immediately.

Lean Manufacturing is a set of disciplines that has long been credited with improving manufacturing speed, quality, and performance. But most Lean Manufacturing programs are geared to more complex manufacturing operations. Andrea Hill has been breaking down Lean Manufacturing for the small shop environment for nearly 20 years, taking the most valuable aspects of lean and showing small shop owners how to get a lot of value out of a handful of basic, down-to-earth practices.

In this video you will learn the basics of how to reduce unnecessary movement and increase productivity, how to find shop bottlenecks and what to do when you find them, and how to transform the phrase ‘ continuous improvement’ from a thing people say to a thing you actually do.