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How to Price Jewelry

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how to price jewelry cover-sqhow to price jewelry cover
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59 Minutes
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One of the most challenging aspects of being a jeweler or jewelry designer is pricing. Pricing is half art, half science, and if you don't understand all the implications the result will be lack of sales and lack of profits. In this video, Andrea Hill will teach you pricing theory and show you how to apply it; practically, simply, effectively. You can take the stress and guess out of pricing.

  • Pricing theory: what you need to understand about pricing as a marketing discipline before you even start.
  • Revenue targets: They set the stage for your pricing strategy. How to set them and use them for the rest of your pricing work.
  • The Art of Pricing: How to identify what the market will support, and how to support your prices with branding, marketing and sales strateiges.
  • The Science of Pricing: How to set prices that support your bottom line, without falling victim to tricky and complicated formulas.

Andrea Hill has been teaching jewelry designers and jewelers how to maximize their profits and grow their businesses for 20 years. With her long history as a successful business leader (read more about Andrea here), she has the experience and know-how to help you make sense of pricing once and for all.