From Mine to Lab: Where Will Diamonds Go From Here?

Loose Diamonds iStock 000016706134 SquareThe growing availability of lab-grown diamonds and their expanding appeal—especially to the Millennial market—has led to new questions about the future of the diamond industry. How will mined and synthetic diamonds co-exist? Do synthetics pose a threat to natural diamonds, and do they raise the threat of disclosure problems? This panel discussion will explore the changing facets of the diamond market. Moderated by Andrea Hill, Hill Management Group, Chicago ( Panelists: Cecilia Gardner, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, New York City (; Don Palmieri, Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL)/GEMPRINT, New York City (; Dr. Wuyi Wang, Gemological Institute of America, New York City (; Stanley Zale, Stuller Inc., Lafayette, Louisiana (

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