Big Business Brand, Small Business Budget

Big Business Brand Small Business Budget
Big Business Brand Small Business Budgetplanters_peanut
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Small business owners must compete with large corporations for customers, so branding for the small business is more important than ever. Yet most small business owners believe that branding is something that can only be done with large cash reserves and a high-end advertising agency. In this session, Andrea Hill teaches small business owners what brand really means, the building blocks of  brand, how to create brand elements, and how to get the biggest brand bang for the buck.

By creating a very strong sense of identity, and leveraging it across every single detail of the business, a small business owner can present a powerful brand face to the public — the face of a brand that builds trust and inspires interest and engagement. Andrea teaches you  how to take your identity and develop core values, messaging and visual elements that are at the heart of any strong brand. She conveys with humor and pragmatism how to attach each of those elements to everything from advertising to operations. You will leave this video with a list of things you can do right away to improve your brand, and with a feeling of confidence that having a strong brand is very much within your reach.