Which Marketing Tools Should I Be Using?

$19.95 each

Would you like to do your marketing better, faster, cheaper, more consistently? You can! By using smart marketing tools, you can improve your marketing process and results.

New tools for marketing online are created almost daily. One of the services The 'Werx Brands provides our customers is to stay on top of the changes in business marketing and technology and share them with you. In this webinar, we'll share the latest information about what's new, what's out, what works, and what's a waste of money. 

What kinds of tools are we talking about? Tools for social media managementsocial media sharingemail management and monitoringwebsite engagement and improvement tools, list-building and management tools, customer engagement tools, online advertising tools, and so much more!

We use a variety of these marketing systems ourselves to manage our online presences and to run our advertising and marketing agency SupportWerx. So our advice comes from both watching all online marketing trends and from being heavy users of online marketing tools ourselves.

Stop Reinventing the Wheel!

If you are making your own tools in Excel or FilePro, or worse – not using marketing tools at all – you’re wasting precious time and money. Take advantage of what’s already out here and get focused on doing your marketing instead of managing your marketing.

Instant ROI

If you choose just one of these tools to improve your marketing - or avoid investing in a tool that won't give you the results you need - you'll more than pay for the price of this video!