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Pre-Employment Assessment

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The 16PF Pre-Employment Assessment gives you insight into your employment candidates - insight that will guide you to ask the right questions and explore the most relevant and important issues in their final employment interview.

You provide the employment candidate's email address. MentorWerx will send an explanation of the process and a link (including username and password) to take the assessment from the comfort of the candidate's own computer. Once the candidate has completed the assessment, we will interpret the results and provide you with a complete written report - including guidance regarding how to conduct the next interview.

The assessment will require as little as 45 minutes or as much as 2 hours of the candidate's time. Once MentorWerx receives the completed assessment data, we produce and send your report within 72 hours.

Don't attempt to hire without this important guidance and insight! Join the ranks of successful small business owners who use this effective and insightful tool to improve their employment interviews and increase their hiring success.

Please allow 1 business day to receive your assessment instructions via email.

Please allow 3 business days from the completion of your assessment to receive your comprehensive report.

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