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Welcome to the Summer Webinar Series with MentorWerx! Just like summer school in your youth helped ensure you were ready for the demands of the upcoming year, so these webinars are all designed to help you make more money and even have more fun while promoting your business this holiday season. But unlike the summer school of your youth, we don't care if you take these classes in your jammies, on the beach, lounging in the hammock, or swinging your legs in the pool. Just take them! And help your business grow. Here's a quick snapshot of our webinar offering for Summer 2016:

Marketing Monday

Every Monday morning, for 20 minutes, we'll bring you an important marketing lesson, idea, tip, or practice that you can implement. After 10 weeks of Marketing Monday, you'll have a lot more marketing knowledge than when you began! More . . .

How to Price Jewelry . . . and Stop Guessing!

This powerful webinar is back by popular demand. Learn the not-so-basics of jewelry pricing and stop leaving money on the table. More . . .

Which Marketing Tools Should I be Using?

New tools for marketing online are created almost daily. One of the services The 'Werx brands provides our customers is to stay on top of the changes in business marketing and technology and share them with you. In this Webinar, we'll share the latest information about what's new, what's out, what works, and what's a waste of money. More . . .

What's Next for the Designer Jewelry Movement?

Andrea Hill will share with you how she sees the market for designer jewelry evolving, and what you can do to promote your business in the new paradigm that all luxury goods are facing. More . . .

Step-by-Step: Build Your 4th Quarter Social Plan

In this webinar you'll create your social, email, website, communications plan for the holiday selling season. We'll provide you with a planner template and walk you through the process. More . . .

Brand Review: Are My Elements in Place?

You'll review the elements of your brand and learn how those elements can and should work together to hyper-focus your marketing efforts. More . . .

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