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How Do You Learn?

By watching video? Listening to audio books and podcasts? Taking classes? Reading? No matter what your learning style, MentorWerx has options for you.
  • Multi-Faceted — People learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, some audio, and others must read. We create content for every type of learner.
  • Adult Education — Adults learn in different ways than youth learners. We understand those differences and build learning experiences that work. For you.
  • Real World — Everything we teach about business we've already battle-tested through real business experience. We don't just teach . . . we do.
  • Fun — Learning experiences are most powerful when they are engaging, entertaining, interesting . . . fun. We want your learning experience to be fun.

„Curiosity keeps us learning. Learning keeps us viable.“

MentorWerx Resources


Are you a visual learner? These are for you! Personal presentations, at your fingertips.

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Articles, books, essays, worksheets - if you prefer to read your content, you have many choices.

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Take your learning on the road - in your car, on the train, or wherever you listen to podcasts and ebooks.

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Some topics are best retained by learning 20-minutes at-a-time, with reinforcements and support.

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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Ask questions, explore options, get feedback.

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Webinars make us stop what we're doing and learn. Eliminating the travel time doesn't hurt!

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Email Installments

We'll "feed" you a bit of learning every day through our various email installment learning programs.


Andrea Hill presents at business events around the world. When she's there, she'll meet with you!

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