Better Copywriting in 30 Minutes

$12.95 each



Do you dread writing email blasts or advertising copy? Would you like your writing efforts to be easier, more effective, and more fun? Well this is your answer!

Top copywriting experts know that good copy isn't just about good word choices and good grammar. Good copywriting is also about good planning and method. In this video we teach you the planning and method you need to write better copy! 

Once you're done with the preparation, you can either write much better copy than you've ever written before, or hand your preparation off to a copywriter - and actually get back something that works! Either way, your marketing improves, which will help your sales.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to use a copy planner.
  • How to write for the reader's perspective.
  • Three tried-and-true methods for constructing your offer.

All in just 30 minutes! Learn the copywriting skills that will help you find more customers and close more sales. You'll be so glad you did.