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Management Potential Assessment and Report

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Are you working to receive a management promotion? Have you been passed up for a promotion, even though you had mastered all of the important job skills and tasks? The role of manager requires many personal skills beyond the job tasks - personal skills that often go undiscussed. This assessment - one of the most highly regarded instruments of its type - will give you the insights you need to prepare, improve, and achieve your professional goals.

You will take this assessment from the comfort and privacy of your own computer. Once you complete the assessment, a MentorWerx analyst will produce an in-depth report on each of the following management dimensions:

  1. Leadership: Assertive, Facilitative, Permissive, Leadership Potential, Dominance
  2. Interacting with Others: Extraversion, Warmth, Liveliness, Social Boldness, Self-Reliance, Privateness
  3. Making Decisions: Reasoning, Creativity, Tough-Mindedness, Sensitivity, Abstractedness
  4. Initiative: Independence, Openness to Change, Rule-Consciousness, Perfectionism, Self-Control
  5. Personal Adjustment: Anxiety, Emotional Adjustment, Emotional Stability, Vigilance, Apprehension, Tension.

With your comprehensive report you will have the information you need to prepare yourself for the next management promotion opportunity. Don't wait! Start your personal and professional development improvement today.

Please allow 1 business day to receive your assessment instructions via email.

Please allow 3 business days from the time you complete your assessment to receive your comprehensive report.

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