Marketing and Branding

marketing selling stockunlimited1538344WEBWhen a company is not earning sufficient profit, the problem is usually in one of two areas: Either the company has operational deficiencies that keep it from attracting and keeping customers, or it is failing to get the message out about its offering. Some of the most common problems in marketing and branding include:

  • Targeting the wrong customers
  • Failing to communicate the right messages
  • Inconsistency and lack of focus (we call it ADD advertising)
  • Inadequate selling activity
  • And the big one - underfunding or spending marketing dollars on the wrong things

Marketing, branding, promotion, public relations, advertising, and selling are all elements of the overall marketing discipline. Different strategies require these elements in differing quantities, much like pancakes, cookies, bread, and glue all use water, flour, and sugar in different ways to achieve different results. Get your best message out to the right people and start spending your marketing dollars wisely. MentorWerx classes in marketing and branding will help.



facebookconfusedFacebook provides many good advertising tools - but they sure don't make them easy to use! This short lesson will teach you how to set up a Facebook Leads Ad. 

Last update: Feb, 2017


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