business strategy stockunlimited1588436webBusiness problems are frequently related to poorly defined strategy. If your strategy is not clear, chances are the operations not aligned, and probably even suboptimizing one another. Sound strategy and business planning will help you develop a clear understanding of your strategic opportunities, differentiation, and competitive advantage. Strategic planning leads to sound operations, marketing, sales, and product development. In order to stay on track, good strategy includes goals, objectives, and measurement systems, which keep organizations aligned and on track.  Strategy is the foundation for every other business element.

When you take a class in strategy or business planning with MentorWerx, you are tapping into Andrea Hill's years of practice and highly refined understanding of strategic business development. She has vast experience creating, reviving, and managing successful businesses, and she has turned this knowledge into practical, immediately applicable training programs that will help you improve your business immediately.


marketing selling stockunlimited1538344WEBWhen a company is not earning sufficient profit, the problem is usually in one of two areas: Either the company has operational deficiencies that keep it from attracting and keeping customers, or it is failing to get the message out about its offering. Some of the most common problems in marketing and branding include:

  • Targeting the wrong customers
  • Failing to communicate the right messages
  • Inconsistency and lack of focus (we call it ADD advertising)
  • Inadequate selling activity
  • And the big one - underfunding or spending marketing dollars on the wrong things

Marketing, branding, promotion, public relations, advertising, and selling are all elements of the overall marketing discipline. Different strategies require these elements in differing quantities, much like pancakes, cookies, bread, and glue all use water, flour, and sugar in different ways to achieve different results. Get your best message out to the right people and start spending your marketing dollars wisely. MentorWerx classes in marketing and branding will help.



plan action idea stockunlimited1951389WEBMentorWerx offers a range of Management and Human Resource courses, including management skills development, management knowledge building across all business disciplines, human resource planning, hiring, pre-employment assessments, training/onboarding program development, and professional development for yourself and your team.  Whether you are working on developing your own management skills, or focused on creating a workforce with the right players in the right places, these management and human resource skills classes from MentorWerx will help you immensely.


leadership stockunlimited1602379WEBWhen you run a small business the leadership stakes are high. Motivating a group of people - even as few as two or three - requires knowledge about how to lead. MentorWerx classes take Andrea Hill's strong leadership credentials and signficant history as a leader of corporations and builder of strong leadership teams. MentorWerx classes in leadership will help you cultivate your personal leadership and management skills and will help you cultivate a culture that values and develops leadership at all levels.


technology stockunlimited1420800 webToday, nearly every part of your business relies on technology, and the speed with which markets move demand that you be good at using technology. Technology of every type - from social media programs to cloud-based efficiency systems to phone apps to business software. At Hill Management Group we use a lot of technology, at StrategyWerx (our strategy and business planning brand), SupportWerx (our marketing services group) and right here on MentorWerx. Classes in the Online and Technology ategory address a broad range of technology training, nearly always based on requests we receive from our own customers. We hope you enjoy and learn from these classes!

action arrow stockunlimited1582888WEBOperational excellence is must to maintain costs and meet customer needs. No matter what type of business you own, from manufacturing to service to retail, you must identify the operations that are essential to deliver on the basics, and make sure that those operations are sufficient to achieve your customer expectations. From sales ops to manufacturing ops, and from POS systems to staff scheduling technology, MentorWerx has your back. We have a long history of operations analysis, innovation, and improvement, and we've turned that experience into classes that will help you identify which operations require attention, and get those operations in tip-top shape.


Sales Management ( 0 Option )

sales arrow stockunlimited1602503WEBMost of the time when a business is struggling, the solution is to sell. Sell smarter, sell more often, sell to the right people. If your business isn't performing the way you want it to, take a careful look at your sales strategy and sales function. Do you have the right people in sales roles? Do you know who you should be selling to? Do you have a Top 25 sales target at all times - a list of the individuals or accounts you want to turn into active clients? Right now, before this idea gets away from you, take 10 minutes to think about your sales function. If it's not performing as it should be, neither is your business. These classes in sales and sales management from MentorWerx will help.