How to Manage Your Inventory

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Inventory Management is the Key to More Cash in Your Business.  For most product-selling small businesses, inventory is the largest single drain on cash, and this is doubly true for a jewelry business.  

  • Would you like to know the smartest ways to manage your inventory?
  • Do you want better cash flow and less cash stress?
  • Do you understand the tax implications of your inventory?
  • Do you know the simplest methods for converting raw materials to finished goods?

Managing inventory is one of the most important things you can do, and in this three hour course – taught in two 1.5 hour webinar sessions – you’ll get the skills you need to get your inventory under control and keep it there.

For Jewelry Professionals

This course is recommended for:

  • Jewelry designers, doing wholesale, retail, or both
  • Independent jewelry retailers and boutique owners
  • Jewelry production shop managers

Taught by a Jewelry Expert

These sessions were developed by and will be taught by Andrea Hill, who has spent her career saving ailing companies, and was the CEO of companies like Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and After the Stork.

Andrea is well-known for taking complicated business topics and making them easy-to-understand, interesting, and memorable. Her favorite industry focus is the jewelry industry, which she knows every aspect of from raw materials to happy retail customers.

She has developed these sessions specifically for jewelry businesses, which means that all the examples and exercises will be completely familiar to you.

What You'll Learn

Session A

Next Class: Friday, Oct 23, 2:30 pm ET

Inventory and Your Financials

Learn how to understand how inventory works with your Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Cash Flow Forecast, and P&L, and how to manage Cost of Goods Sold to stay on the good side of the IRS.

Best Practices in Inventory Management

When to count, how to count, keeping track  between counts, how to buy inventory for a small business, best receiving behaviors, and how to stock and track your inventory. You’ll learn simple, easy-to-implement systems for staying on top of your inventory forever.

Session B

Next Class: Friday, Oct 30, 2:30 pm ET

Managing Raw Materials and Finished Goods

The similarities and differences in managing raw materials and finished goods, the financial implications of what state your inventory is in, and how to convert your raw materials into finished goods in your inventory/bookkeeping system.

Inventory Systems

You can use a manual system, spreadsheets, or inventory software. You’ll learn the easiest manual system possible, and we’ll talk about the kinds of computer systems available, what to look for, and what to stay away from.


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