Financial Basics for Jewelry Designers


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Even if your business is just you, you are responsible for the same things as a CEO of any larger organization. Take your CEO skills to the next level. Understand the basic financial concepts that make the difference between good business decisions and bad ones.

Financial Basics for Jewelry Designers

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It’s nearly impossible to be a successful business owner without accounting and financial skills. But if you came to business from the creative, product development, or sales & marketing side, you may find financial skills intimidating and boring.

You can learn these skills more easily than you may think, and once you have mastered basic financial skills for non-financial managers (you don’t have to become an accountant after all), you will find they are useful, logical, and anything-but-boring.

Easy to Learn

These sessions are developed and taught by Andrea Hill, a business executive and consultant who is well-known for taking complicated business topics and making them easy-to-understand, interesting, and memorable.

Andrea has developed these sessions specifically for jewelry designers. This means all the examples and exercises will be completely familiar to you. It’s much easier to master a new skill when it is wrapped around information with which you are already familiar.

What You'll Learn

Session 1

Next Class: Wednesday, Feb 17 at 10:30am ET

Financial Terminology: 23 Financial and Accounting terms every small business owner should understand. You’ll receive a definitions sheet prior to the webinar. Discussion will include uses of these terms relative to your work as a jewelry designer.

Basic Financial and Accounting Concepts: Understanding the basic concepts required for effective financial and accounting management will help you manage your operations and your money better. Your accountant and financial advisor will make much more sense to you and you’ll be able to engage in higher-level discussions with them. You’ll be amazed at how much more sense your business makes to you once you understand these concepts.

Understanding Basic Financial Statements: We’ll cover and discuss the four vital financial reports you need to manage your business successfully. You will learn how to read and understand the reports, and how to use the reports for making specific types of business decisions.

The Bookkeeping Process: Whether you are doing your own bookkeeping or hiring a bookkeeper to do it for you, understanding the nuts and bolts of the bookkeeping process – and why the rules exist – will help you improve your bookkeeping results. Believe it or not, better bookkeeping leads to better business decisions, cash-flow, and profits.

Session 2

Next Class: Wednesday, Feb 24, 10:30 am ET

Creating and Using Budgets: A budget is a tool intended to help you manage investments, maintain positive cash-flow, and stay out in front of potential money problems. You’ll learn the basics of creating and using a budget so you can spend more energy on designing and selling jewelry, and less worrying about money and the future.

Understanding the Financial Impact of Various Business Decisions: In order to make sustainable business decisions, you must have a financial mindset. You’ll learn to look at your business in terms of financial options, and use your new insight to make decisions that you feel better about and which are better for your business.

Forecasting Revenue and Planning for Growth: You don’t have to be an accountant to do a forecast. You do need to understand the steps involved in creating a forecast, how to use a forecast in spite of its lack of perfection (a forecast is always imperfect), and how to make your forecasts better over time. This one skill – forecasting revenue – has been known to transform businesses from a state of constant cash-crunch to a state of putting aside cash for future investment.


All registrants will receive a full video of the session - including Q&A - after the event. It doesn't matter if you come late, leave early, or can't make the session, if you're registered, you receive the video.

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What? You're Still Not Sure?

Which of these objections are you struggling with?

I Don't Have Time

It’s true, you will have to invest four hours of your time to participate in both sessions. Four hours of time to work on your business instead of in your business (in two, 2-hour chunks). Case studies of successful business owners demonstrate that these owners consistently invest 20% of their working time to learning about, thinking about, and strategizing on their business. If you’re already devoting more than 20% of your time on your business (instead of in it), then perhaps you’re right. You may not have time. But if you don’t already devote this critical executive attention to your business – and if you don’t already possess these important financial skills – you don’t have time not to.

I Don't Need This

If you came to business from a financial background, you’re probably right - you don't need this. If you had a previous job as a manager with lots of financial responsibility, you may be right. If you read the class descriptions above and you thought “I know this already” to each point, then you don’t need this class. But if none of those things apply to you, and if you’re running a business, you definitely need this.

I Can't Afford It

Seriously? That seems unlikely. Not only is $90 (for both sessions) very low for a significant business investment, but you will not find a class of this caliber for less than $500. And you certainly won’t find another financial basics class designed just for jewelry designers by a person who understands business financials as a CEO and jewelry design from A-to-Z. In less than 2 minutes you can probably create a list of 2-3 things you won’t spend money on this month just so you can take this class. Still not convinced? Try to think of anything you are planning to spend $90 on that will be worth more to your long-term business success than this.

It Doesn't Sound Fun

Have you met Andrea Hill? The one thing her students, clients, and audiences always rave about is that she makes business entertaining, energizing, and fun. But, OK, what if it’s not fun? If you own a business, and all the things you’ve read so far are screaming “I should probably learn this information!” then pull up your big kid pants and take the class. You owe it to yourself – not to mention your family, your vendors, and your clients – to be more successful at running a business.

I Can Do This On My Own

Sure, you could do this on your own. You can find a wealth of information on accounting and small business financial skills online. But do you know which sources are excellent, and which sources are hokum? Let's assume you do: would you spend less than four hours of your time doing all the research for yourself? How much would the time you spend doing it yourself cost you? Would it be worth, say, $80? Yes, there are many, many other sources for this information. But Andrea Hill is a reputable, trusted resource in the jewelry industry, and she's put this information together just for jewelry designers. So even if you could do it yourself, or take a different class . . . A) you haven't done it already, and B) it wouldn't be as good.

There Must Be a Catch

There is no downside, and no catch.

  1. We intentionally keep our prices low, because we know how hard it is to make it as a jewelry designer. There's no add-on sale waiting in the wings, no other shoe to drop. Our company mission is to help you be successful. For real.
  2. If you take either class and do not feel you learned important new skills, you may have your money back. All of it. Andrea Hill and everyone working for Hill Management Group (StrategyWerx, MentorWerx, SupportWerx) are devoted to providing value to jewelry business owners. We stand behind our offerings 100%.


All  registrants automatically become members of a private online forum where they can ask questions of Andrea Hill, discuss ideas and challenges with other participants, and learn together.

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What? You STILL Have Reservations?

You must be concerned about something we haven't anticipated. So here's what we'll do:

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